cigarette boats
cigarette boats

cigarette boats


Technical parameters:


Total length: about 13.88m


Ship width: about 3.00m


Mold depth: about 1.90m


Draft: about 0.60m


Capacity: 6-8


Full load displacement: about 9.00t


Speed: ≥ (60-70) knots


Endurance: about 200 nautical miles


Fuel: 900 L




Main configuration:


Main engine (inlet): 4 x (315-480hp) Inboard diesel engine


Propulsion (inlet): surface oars


1 x VHF VHF maritime walkie talkie


2 x VHF VHF handheld walkie talkie (optional)


1 x radar, satellite guide and sounding three in one navigator


1 x magnetic compass


1 X rudder angle indicator


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