3180DWT Oil tanker ship
3180DWT Oil tanker ship

3180DWT Oil tanker ship


The navigate area of this vessel is unrestricted,and it can load oil which flash point is under 60℃

This vessel is steel, single deck, mixed framework, forecatle, poop, double diesel engine, double propeller, double rudder, type of stern engine oil tanker.

This vessel join in to BV and get the marks as follows:

BV    double hull ,oil tank,flash point≤60℃,unrestricted

Length, over all                                    96.96m

Length, designed water line                      92.23m

Length, b.p                                          89.80m

Breadth, moulded                                  15.00m

Depth, moulded                                      6.10m

 Designed draft                               4.30m

Main engine

Type:XCW8200ZC heavy oil engine two set.

Rated Power:928KW×1000r/min.

Type of gear box:GW39.41,ratio 4.484:1.

Main Diesel  150KW  two set   

Generator    75KW   one set

Sea speed on the condition of the designed draft (moulded)of 4.30 m and at 90% MCR without S.G.    abt. 11.5 knots

Endurance:2500 n mile.

This vessel fixed number of persons is sixteen.

Gross tonnage:2706

Net tonnage:923


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